MISSION: Sustainably grow organic food for family, friends, and the local community while balancing the preservation of Skagit Valley farmland with the advancement of agricultural research and technology.

VISION: Holistic, homestead-style stewardship of 20-40 acres in Skagit, Island, or Whatcom county, using the most sustainable practices and inputs possible. Besides the whole myriad of veggies we already grow, Eldur Heron Farm is looking to add flowers, herbs, chickens, ducks, sheep, bees, berries, fruit, nuts, and more to our offerings as the farm grows.

Terms and Policies

We care about your privacy and are invested in keeping it private. Your personal information is used solely by Eldur Heron Farm and is only used to process your order. We will never share, rent, or sell any of your information for any reason. Period. Due to our payment processing through Square, we never see nor store any credit card information.
Orders are processed in the order received. An out-of-stock item will never be substituted for another product without your consent. Unless special arrangements are made we generally ship via USPS regular or priority mail depending on the size and weight of your package. You will receive emails from us both to confirm that your order was received, and to alert you when we ship. These emails might turn up in your spam folder depending on your email settings. If you need your order rushed, please use the contact email below to let us know! The goal is to ship your order within 3-5 days of receiving it, but at peak season (Jan - mid Mar) longer turnarounds may occur. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Eldur Heron Farm will attempt to fulfill orders from anywhere in the world, but we do leave it up to our customers to know the specific rules and regulations for their governing bodies and regulatory organizations. Package tracking IS NOT available for International Orders. All this said, we have successfully shipped all over the world. Certain countries, such as Italy, have stricter regulations so please check prior to placing an order! International purchases are at the customers own risk and we will not issue refunds for orders that failed to reach you due to being blocked at customs.
In addition to supplying local produce and knowledge, Eldur Heron Farm is also dedicated to providing a high quality source of certified organic, open-pollinated and heirloom seeds to farmers and gardeners around the globe. All our seeds are guaranteed to exceed USDA Federal germination standards. Any lots that do not germ to our satisfaction are removed from the catalogue for that year. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us and we will happily send a replacement or refund. The liability for Eldur Heron Farm regarding online purchases is limited solely to the purchase price or replacement of your order. Growing a crop from seed is a complex undertaking which involves many factors beyond the scope of a farmer's control. We are committed to providing high quality seeds, but the rest is up to you as farmers and gardeners.
  • Email: info@eldur-heron-farm.com The most effective way to reach Eldur Heron Farm year around.
  • Phone: (360)202-9484 (January-May) This is a solo operation currently, so regular office hours do not exist at Eldur Heron Farm. If you would like to talk to someone in person, the best times to call are between 10 am and 4 pm, M-F. Spring and summer brings me out to the field daily with chores. Fall is preoccupied with harvesting, cleaning and processing crops. Winter allows for the editing of the website and seed catalog. Basically, most of the year my hands are too dirty to answer a phone quickly, but I am available to take calls January through May. If you would love to talk to me, then I would love to talk to you! If for some reason you are not able to get me on the phone, email me with your number and I will certainly call you back.
  • Instagram (@eldur.heron): Photos, updates, and musings. The place to stay up-to-date on weekly farm activities.
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