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Farmers Markets

Back in 2016 Eldur Heron Farm was known as Turnip the Beet Farm and sold produce from a large home garden through booths at the Mount Vernon Farmers Market and the Bow Little Market. After taking a break from these markets to improve both the quality and quantity of produce, Eldur Heron Farm is looking to return to both these markets soon. Stay tuned for more info!

Local Stores

Keep an eye out for the occasional produce from Eldur Heron Farm at a grocery store near you:


Food Co-Op


Stay tuned for details about how to make a contribution to the growth of Eldur Heron Farm.


Interested in lending a hand? Want to learn more about where your food comes from? Curious about agriculture? Contact me to get a conversation started about how you can volunteer at Eldur Heron Farm.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Or just want to get in touch and share stories and knowledge? Contact me.

MISSION: Sustainably grow organic food for family, friends, and the local community while balancing the preservation of Skagit Valley farmland with the advancement of agricultural research and technology.

VISION: Holistic, homestead-style stewardship of 20-40 acres in Skagit, Island, or Whatcom county, using the most sustainable practices and inputs possible. Besides the whole myriad of veggies we already grow, Eldur Heron Farm is looking to add flowers, herbs, chickens, ducks, sheep, bees, berries, fruit, nuts, and more to our offerings as the farm grows.

About the Farm


My name is Nathan Minor and I started Eldur Heron Farm in 2016 as Turnip the Beet Farm out of my great uncle's home garden. Now I am currently cultivating mixed vegetables on half an acre at Viva Farms. With the gracious support of my family, friends, and Viva Farms I have been able to start this journey to become a farmer. Below is an incomplete list of those who have played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of this farm and my dreams.

  • Charles McNeil for lending an extra set of hands when I injured my right hand at the end of August 2019, and for helping me continue to grow the farm
  • Joel Ward for lending an extra set of hands when I injured my right hand at the end of August 2019
  • Amanda Stevens for the original farm name of Turnip the Beet Farm
  • Heather Tiszai and WHWS for your mentorship and support of my passion for growing veggies
  • Spencer Belsvik for your friendship and the sharing of many books and ideas
  • Rob Smith, with Viva Farms for graciously allowing me to jump into the first Viva Farms FIELD practicum course last minute, and for providing me with one the greatest learning experiences of my life thus far
  • Viva Farms for all the amazing support and allowing for me to farm with them each season, without the help and support from everyone at Viva Farms this whole endeavor would not be possible
  • Shawna Mengle with the MVFM and Patty Sweaney with the BLM for helping Turnip the Beet Farm get started with farmers markets during my first season in 2016
  • Chris Johnson, my great uncle, for letting me borrow his home garden in Bay View to get things started during the summer of 2016, for teaching me how to drive a tractor, and how to mill lumber

    (Bay View Boards)

  • Sharon and Mike Minor, my grandparents, for supporting me and putting up with my dog Luke and me during the first two seasons at Viva Farms
  • Kelli Walker, my aunt, for helping foster my passion for helping plants grow, and for letting me sell some of her extra flowers in exchange for helping her keep up on the never ending battle with weeds

    (Country Bouquets)

  • Emily and James Stewart, my sister and brother in-law, for your boundless support and the beater Toyota pickup
  • Wesley Minor, my brother, for inspiring me to chase after my own dreams
  • Christine Haavisto Minor, my mom, for always supporting my dreams and passions, regardless of how far out they might seem, and for always giving me the space I needed to grow
  • Bryan Minor, my dad, for igniting my passion for helping plants grow, for teaching me how to think critically, and for showing me, through counterexample, how to be patient
  • Luke for being my best friend throughout the start of this amazing journey

Originally, Eldur Heron Farm has focused all efforts into the production of fresh vegetables. Following the end of the 2019 season, a decision to diversify in a way has been made. Stay tuned for more details about how to buy organic, open-pollinated, heirloom, seeds grown by Eldur Heron Farm. The plethora of vegetables that are grown can be categorized by the rotation below. If you want to know more about the specific varieties grown during a particular season, check out the Archives.

- Summer Squash, Zucchini
- Cucumbers (2020)
- Winter Squash (2020)
- Tomatoes
- Peppers (2020)
- Tomatillos (2020)
Zea Mays
- Flour Corn (OSA Seed Trial)
- Sweet Corn
- Dry Beans
- Green Beans
Roots and Greens
- Kale
- Chard
- Yellow Beets (OSA Seed Trial)
- Black Radishes
Cover Crop
- Buckwheat (summer; weed suppression, organic matter)
- Rye/vetch mix (fall/winter; erosion control, organic matter, soil building)
- Oats/vetch mix (2020 summer; organic matter, soil building)

Below is a rough breakdown of what a typical season looks like throughout the calendar year. Specific dates vary season-to-season due to unique details of that season's crop plan, weather patterns, and other factors.

Fall/Winter CC
Fall/Winter CC
Terminate Fall/Winter CC & Begin Soil Cultivation
Soil Preparation
Plant Care & Harvest
Plant Care & Harvest
Plant Care & Harvest
Plant Care & Harvest
Finish Harvesting & Sow Fall/Winter CC
Fall/Winter CC
Fall/Winter CC

Viva Farms

Plot 12 S(W)

15366 Ovenell Rd

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Skagit Valley, USA


Below are versions of Eldur Heron Farm's whole farm plan, which goes into great detail about all of the practices that put into use around all aspects of the farm operation. Download a copy for free by clicking a link below:

  • Currently being proofread and edited. Stay tuned for updates!


the FAQ

Editing this section...stay tuned for updates!

The great blue heron is an iconic symbol of this area's unique beauty, and it just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite animals. Since there is already a farm locally using the Blue Heron farm name, and I wanted to tie my own uniqueness into the farm's name, I decided upon using the Icelandic word for fire = eldur to both allude to my fiery red hair, and to include a reference to my family's Icelandic heritage.

Growing a diverse mix of vegetables is only just the beginning of all the diversity that Eldur Heron Farm intends to foster, support, and protect. Helping foster the next generation of farmers through education and knowledge sharing. Helping support more than one local market with fresh, local, organic produce (see Support section). Helping protect a diverse offering of organic, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds for gardeners and growers around the globe.

Using the colors of the rainbow to help symbolize various aspects of the layers of diversity utilized by Eldur Heron Farm is a simple way to visualize both the differences that separate the various crops or practices, and all the cycles or patterns found throughout nature. Initially, the idea to use these colors ROYGBV stemmed from my experience with the visible light spectrum, which is required for plant growth (along with soil, water, and air). Below are the wavelengths of light for each of the colors in ROYGBV, ordered from longest to shortest wavelength, in nanometers (nm):

  1. Red 620-750 nm
  2. Orange 590-620 nm
  3. Yellow 570-590 nm
  4. Green 495-570 nm
  5. Blue 450-495 nm
  6. Violet 380-450 nm

Additionally, Eldur Heron Farm whole-heartedly supports this seemingly outlandish idea that all humans should be treated with equality, regardless of how one identifies. Eldur Heron Farm is proud to support those with pride in who they are. Hopefully, anyone reading this far into the About section knows that these colors were also chosen as a symbol of this support as well. Eldur Heron Farm will always be a safe place for you to be you.